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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

popping up

This morning I went into my room and saw that Victoria had, again, fallen asleep sitting up - she looked so sweet that I went to get my camera. While I was looking through the view-finder and had pressed the button she popped up like a jack-in-a-box and grinned one of her cheeky grins at me! So she wasn't asleep after all!
Since the big pump went back the playtex pump has facilitated the production of 9-10 oz of milk a day. Victoria is still not very keen on drinking ANYTHING other than milk. I tried her with goat milk, and a spot of tea (!), in a bottle yesterday and Thomas, showing tenacity, managed to get her to drink most of it - she's not impressed though.
Her new shoes are on her feet each morning - it does make it difficult for her to move around on the floor and get to standing (which is why I leave them off in the afternoon!) but once she is up she is decidedly more stable and has been seen (though not by me) to walk along the front of the sofa.
I've been using the time with her early in the morning to work on matching items -she's getting really good at it. I aim next to work on getting her to match pictures and objects - then picture and pictures. She's always very interesting in everything and investigates with great diligence. Yesterday she got herself to standing (in her shoes) at the dinner table - on the bench. Everyone was looking at her (and she KNEW it!!) and she did all the funny things she could to make people laugh - she loves to make people happy!
This morning I had Simon knocking on the door, he came in, followed, one at a time, by lots of others. Samuel went off holding Victoria and her clothes, ready to dress her for the day, followed by the whole crowd - Timothy at the rear talking to Victoria as she was being conveyed down the hall to the lounge! She's still quite the celebrity in this household and a constant and continuing cause for joy and rejoicing.
The dry skin on the back of her hands has cleared up. I have been deliberately NOT giving her yoghourt - now I shall give her yoghourt again this week and see if it comes back.
Simon was back in hospital last night having his leg x-rayed after, all of a sudden, not being able to bear weight on it because of the pain. Nothing untoward appeared on the x-ray and he says it is a bit less painful today. I have to take him back to the fracture clinic on Thursday (about an hour before the physio and then the portage lady are due to be here for Victoria !!!_.
Off to Mercedes Benz world next with our Swiss visitors.


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