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Monday, February 19, 2007

monday 19th

We've had the pleasure of having Lucy 'home' for the weekend - well she was in the kitchen on Friday (preparing food for the southern houseparty) and slept here Friday and Sunday nights. The people who went (Philip was a day-visitor) seem to have enjoyed themselves.
After a few nights of NOT growling, Victoria was in full 'voice' last night. There was one night last week when, after going to sleep, I didn't get out of bed until 6pm - that is prob. a first in over 19 months. The next thing I am looking forward to is not being WOKEN between bedtime and 6am.
We don't KNOW, but we SUSPECT that Victoria says 'book' - though we will be thinking of creative ways to test this theory! She certianly loves books! She also enjoys matching toys with pictures and looking through her book of photos of her toys. When she gets a dolly she presses it to her shoulder and rocks from side to side.
At the moment she is in bed, when she gets up she will go in her bouncer, with her shoes on, to work on her balance and generally have fun, while we do our schoolwork.
Timothy passed his December exams - though he is being cagey about the scores....
Philip and Timothy have decided not to bid on that piece of building land - there seem to be insurmountable legal issues. Philip has fixed up his car (which he bought for £200 from a client) and after horrendous insurance quotes via the internet and the company which insures his van, has a sensible quote which will enable him to use that, instead of his van, for non-work-related driving.


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