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Saturday, February 10, 2007

A momentous day approaches

After many hours spent in my little corner in company with the pump so kindly supplied by Julie, we face its imminent departure. On tuesday I have arranged to take it to Kathy who will convey it southwards for its return. The milk supply is now down to about 10oz per day so I shall resort to the portable playtex pump which I relied on while we were in Switzerland. I anticipate that over the next couple of weeks the supply will stop - but I am astonished, and full of Praise to God, that Victoria has been able to have such 1st-class nourishment for 19 months.
As I have sat in my corner I have read many excellent and stimulating books, completed over 100 sudoku puzzles (!!) and listened to hundreds of hours of excellent MP3's of lectures and sermons on my most treasured possession - my Sony Cd/mp3 player. I shall miss the special times I have spent there but am already benefitting from the extra time I have to spend with the children and doing necessary (and long-neglected) sorting out of stuff, finishing of handicraft projects etc. So, we move into a new era.


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