Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I have noticed that Victoria's eyes are heaps better than they were. She used to be in her cot and looking in my direction (at the cot bars and the bars at the end of my bed) and not able to see beyond them to me, though she could hear my voice. Recently I have seen her little face light up beyond all these bars as she has been able to focus beyond the distraction of all the bars which separated us. Also, even when tired, her eyes stay pretty much together (the left one used to go off and do its own thing).
Yesterday Victoria was playing with duplo bricks and, as usual, pulling them apart. THEN she put two together - she's been trying this for a while, it was great to see her succeed.
This afternoon she gets to go to hydro - I mentioned it to her this morning and a little light came on her eyes to indicate that she understood the idea.
This mornign I get to go with Philip to Guildford where he has his trailer test. Because it says on my licence that I can tow a trailer, I have to accomany him (who is infinitely more competent with trailers of all sizes) because the law says so.
This evening I get to go out to dinner (again!), this time with Kathy (see you later, Kathy!). Another opportunity to encourage and be encouraged.


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