Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

bear walking

One of Victoria's latest endearing tricks is to put her legs straight up under her while she has her hands on the floor - then she tilts herself backwards until her bottom bumps onto the ground. She finds it amusing and is strengthening her legs. This morning, early, Samuel took Victoria away to his bed. All was quiet in the house until I heard a deep coughing sound, a short interval ensued before there was an attempted imitation of this sound by Victoria. Another interval and another deep voice attempted to echo her and she, in turn echoed him. James was in bed with me at the time and we both had a chuckle as we listened to this strange conversation! Today Victoria travelled to church in her 'new' car-seat. Until now she has been in one of those car-seats with a handle, but she was getting a bit heavy (and her legs were growing a bit too long) for this seat. I recovered the carseat which I bought new before Joanna was born. Thomas urged me to put 'plenty of padding' in it so that it would be comfortable for Victoria! This week Victoria had her feet measured and in this coming week she should get her new shoes. She has been doing lots of 'pulling to standing' and enjoys having balls rolled to her for her to 'catch' and roll back.


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