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Friday, November 03, 2006

Winter approaches

As winter approaches (we've had frosts here the past two nights) Victoria continues to develop nicely. Skills she is working on include moving around whilst sitting (she recently learned to sit herself up from lying on her tummy), practicing all kinds of noises, 'dancing' when asked 'did you go dancing on Saturday?' and copying sounds for 'bye bye' - well, the first sound anyway. She pulls some incredibly amusing faces. Today she had some liquidised dinner - the same as we had on our plates - and she seems to have thought it unsatisfactory in some way - first she stuck out her tongue and then sucked in her lips. She cries very little but makes her dissatisfaction with anything which is going on known by other means. When told 'no' or when she touches something she thinks she ought not to have, she looks at me and stretches out her hands behind her! She weighs 8.5kgs now.
I bought a carton of goats milk. The supply of the proper stuff is continuing to diminish and I am not having much joy trying to get her to drink from any sort of cup. I have tried water, apple juice and rooibosch which have all proved unsatisfactory.


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