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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Victoria's favourite brother...

Please pray for David. He has been having trouble with his neck and the whole of the left side of his head since last Saturday. Yesterday I took him to A and E because his left eye - which had been looking a bit swollen, suddenly appeared very bloodshot and was very watery - he said he felt something sharp in it. It has been a trying week with having been in pain most of the time and the pressure of feeling that he ought to be going outside to work. I took him to the osteopath on Thursday which improved the neck part of things but it seems there is more trouble in there still - trying to get another appt. with osteopath on Monday. The Dr who looked briefly at David's eye said that there was an infection. David wasn't keen on using antibiotic drops so we didnt' collect them - instead we have been using colloidal silver which has resulted in his eye being clearer and more comfortable but the itching and the pain behind it continues. He has taken a silica tablet just now - we use it for splinters - it somehow provokes the body to push out foreign bits in there . Six months ago David poked himself with great vigour, in the eye, with a recalcitrant cane out on the nursery. He won't make the mistake of pulling out stubborn canes in the direction of his eye again. At the time it just affected his focus but it is poss. that a bit of hte cane got in there and that having settled down it has now started to cause trouble. One doesn' t get much understanding at the hosp - they are looking for something which they can treat - not understand! Please pray for wisdom that I would do the right thing and especially that David wouldn't have permanent damage to the sight in his left eye.


  • At 6:16 PM, Blogger Sue Perks said…

    We will be praying for David that whatever is in there comes out quickly and safely without causing any problems.



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