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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The plaster's off

The leg is healing up nicely, aparantly. Simon is still hopping about not having had any information about what exactly he is supposed to DO now his plaster is off. He has to get the screw taken out - under a general again - on Friday. he is expected in there at 7.30am.
Victoria has decided that she doens't want to drink milk - she doesn't drink anythign ELSE either. Overnight, when I get her up and she is sleeping, she drinks - so maybe I just have to give her more to drink in the night..... She has porridge in the mng. and a jar of dinner (and normally one of pudding - but not today) each day. She likes chocolate buttons - but I am not going to give her any until she gets her drinking sorted out. Hopefully she won't keep on with this naughty habit and meanwhile I am happy that there is a freezer in which the surplus can be stored - hopefully for a later date.


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