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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

legs and eyes

Simon's leg is getting along fine- the x-ray yesterday even showed up the detail of the thread on the screw! The Dr. said they would prob. want to take the scew out at some time in the future. Another 3 weeks and the plaster should be able to come off - then begins the hard work of getting all those leg muscles back into working order.
Meanwhile, today we have an appt. for Victoria at the eye department at Ashford hospital. I hope that her weak left eye will be apparant to the consultant - it wasn't too bad last time we went so he thought she was oK. She will be having drops in her eyes and someone will be peering closely at the back of her eye and doing other checks to try and ascertain how she sees things. One of the children said he dreamt of her wearing glasses.
Yesterday Richard had the idea of setting up an assault course for Victoria - she climbed up her yellow wedge, commando style, to reach a toy on the top of another foam block - she was very pleased with herself and repeated the exercise quite a few times with obvious glee. The physio comes tommorow so we will surprise her!
The makaton class is finished - mostly because we were the only ones going along and we had covered more than Victoria will use for the next few months. I hope to find out about makaton from Causeway prospects who have developed signs related to worship.


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