Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


the consultant had a look at the back of Victoria's eyes (after drops caused her pupils to be dilated) and said they look OK (he didn't look for very long - she was fidgetting!). Her squint being on and off means that nothing needs to be done about it, praise the Lord. We have to think about things to keep her tracking and using both eyes together for that - I guess having the children moving about all the time is prob. a great help!
the appendix (thomas) problem settled down, the broken leg case is getting a bit naughty about keeping his leg down - even with his TOES resting on the ground - more than he ought and had to be rebuked today. David has had a headache since Saturday and a visit this afternoon to my lovely osteopath left him feeling that his neck was much more 'loose' than it had been before! (I know the feeling!). He's resting it now and hopefully by tommorow it will begin to feel a bit better. She was able to tie up the 5 main problems (top of spine, sinus, eye, jaw and headache) and also found that he had a lump on his spine indicating the repair site of damage to his spine. He told me he wouldn't have been surprised, that he climbed trees (yikes!!!) when I didn't know it and when falling down determined not to tell me for fear of reprisals. praise the Lord that he was kept from breaking his neck!


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