Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The plaster's off

The leg is healing up nicely, aparantly. Simon is still hopping about not having had any information about what exactly he is supposed to DO now his plaster is off. He has to get the screw taken out - under a general again - on Friday. he is expected in there at 7.30am.
Victoria has decided that she doens't want to drink milk - she doesn't drink anythign ELSE either. Overnight, when I get her up and she is sleeping, she drinks - so maybe I just have to give her more to drink in the night..... She has porridge in the mng. and a jar of dinner (and normally one of pudding - but not today) each day. She likes chocolate buttons - but I am not going to give her any until she gets her drinking sorted out. Hopefully she won't keep on with this naughty habit and meanwhile I am happy that there is a freezer in which the surplus can be stored - hopefully for a later date.

Friday, November 24, 2006


Victoria is now learning to pull herself up to standing - with some building-blocks on the way and some incentive on top of the settee!
David is almost fully recovered and is travelling down to Somerset today with an australian visitor - he'll prob be back to work on Monday.
Simon gets his plaster off on Monday - is he looking forward to it?!!!!!!
My back is still sore and bruised but I think it is improving.
The weather is just the kind of weather for planning an extended field-trip round Scotland in the Spring....
I hope to take the children out to Brooklands this afternoon - having membership there and it being not terribly far away I think I OUGHT to. We finished our annual Richmond Tests on Wednesday and are eagerly awaiting the results!
Later we will have to clean the house up in preparation for the Parents' Evening tommorow at which our australian friend (mentioned above) will be speaking.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

the continuing saga

DAvid is, now, free of pain even when he hasn't got paracetemol working on him. Though he still feels ill. He has an appointment for Friday mng. I had to phone the osteopath today to make an appt because I have developed dreadful back-ache. Can't get straightened out until tommorow, which is a bit grim. Good it is to know that the Lord has it all in hand! I am supposed to collect Lucy tommorow afternoon and had intended to go via Community, but I think I shan't be doing that.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Praising the Lord

A working night with David on Saturday - which included a half-hour stint of violent trembling - led to Ron phoning NHS direct. After a nurse phoning back a doctor phoned back and said that we should take him to the Ashford walk-in centre. He wasn't strong enough to go and had settled down again so I waited until the mng and left at 7am to take him to Ashfor. There we saw a doctor who was just about to go home. He was very thorough and wrote a referral note to the medical assesment unit - he thought David's long-standing headache ought to be investigate. We got to St Peter's at about 8.30am. Blood was taken (quite a lot of it!) and he was thoroughly checked over. Much of the day was passed in just waiting - David was able to sleep some of the time. Eventually the blood results came back and the Dr was free to see David again. He booked a CT scan which showed that a) David HAD a brain! b) there were no dark patches suggesting anything untowards and c) his sinuses on the left side were full of fluid. The blood tests showed there was an infection in his body. he is now taking antibiotics though at first he was still feeling very sick. He went to the osteopath again today who did some things which have significantly lessened the pain. He continues to take pain killers and has now, for the first time in over 9 days, been without pain. He even looks a bit perkier than he has for the past few days. He is ordered to rest for the next week and is using the time to listen to the Bible on CD and also to lectures from his worldview course - though he won't be able to produce an essay or work on the computer.
It is suggested that I change the name of this blog - but I hope that the children's health will improve so I won't have to keep updating on medical things concerning the rest of them and can continue to update only on Victoria.
Incidentally, Victoria coped very well with all the comings and goings and spent the day (as she spends most days) delighting and amusing her doting siblings. When I came home at 1.30pm to see to Victoria I was able to eat a wonderful roast dinner carefully prepared by the home team. Having not eaten anything all day I was certainly ready for it and it was wonderful.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Victoria's favourite brother...

Please pray for David. He has been having trouble with his neck and the whole of the left side of his head since last Saturday. Yesterday I took him to A and E because his left eye - which had been looking a bit swollen, suddenly appeared very bloodshot and was very watery - he said he felt something sharp in it. It has been a trying week with having been in pain most of the time and the pressure of feeling that he ought to be going outside to work. I took him to the osteopath on Thursday which improved the neck part of things but it seems there is more trouble in there still - trying to get another appt. with osteopath on Monday. The Dr who looked briefly at David's eye said that there was an infection. David wasn't keen on using antibiotic drops so we didnt' collect them - instead we have been using colloidal silver which has resulted in his eye being clearer and more comfortable but the itching and the pain behind it continues. He has taken a silica tablet just now - we use it for splinters - it somehow provokes the body to push out foreign bits in there . Six months ago David poked himself with great vigour, in the eye, with a recalcitrant cane out on the nursery. He won't make the mistake of pulling out stubborn canes in the direction of his eye again. At the time it just affected his focus but it is poss. that a bit of hte cane got in there and that having settled down it has now started to cause trouble. One doesn' t get much understanding at the hosp - they are looking for something which they can treat - not understand! Please pray for wisdom that I would do the right thing and especially that David wouldn't have permanent damage to the sight in his left eye.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


the consultant had a look at the back of Victoria's eyes (after drops caused her pupils to be dilated) and said they look OK (he didn't look for very long - she was fidgetting!). Her squint being on and off means that nothing needs to be done about it, praise the Lord. We have to think about things to keep her tracking and using both eyes together for that - I guess having the children moving about all the time is prob. a great help!
the appendix (thomas) problem settled down, the broken leg case is getting a bit naughty about keeping his leg down - even with his TOES resting on the ground - more than he ought and had to be rebuked today. David has had a headache since Saturday and a visit this afternoon to my lovely osteopath left him feeling that his neck was much more 'loose' than it had been before! (I know the feeling!). He's resting it now and hopefully by tommorow it will begin to feel a bit better. She was able to tie up the 5 main problems (top of spine, sinus, eye, jaw and headache) and also found that he had a lump on his spine indicating the repair site of damage to his spine. He told me he wouldn't have been surprised, that he climbed trees (yikes!!!) when I didn't know it and when falling down determined not to tell me for fear of reprisals. praise the Lord that he was kept from breaking his neck!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

legs and eyes

Simon's leg is getting along fine- the x-ray yesterday even showed up the detail of the thread on the screw! The Dr. said they would prob. want to take the scew out at some time in the future. Another 3 weeks and the plaster should be able to come off - then begins the hard work of getting all those leg muscles back into working order.
Meanwhile, today we have an appt. for Victoria at the eye department at Ashford hospital. I hope that her weak left eye will be apparant to the consultant - it wasn't too bad last time we went so he thought she was oK. She will be having drops in her eyes and someone will be peering closely at the back of her eye and doing other checks to try and ascertain how she sees things. One of the children said he dreamt of her wearing glasses.
Yesterday Richard had the idea of setting up an assault course for Victoria - she climbed up her yellow wedge, commando style, to reach a toy on the top of another foam block - she was very pleased with herself and repeated the exercise quite a few times with obvious glee. The physio comes tommorow so we will surprise her!
The makaton class is finished - mostly because we were the only ones going along and we had covered more than Victoria will use for the next few months. I hope to find out about makaton from Causeway prospects who have developed signs related to worship.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Winter approaches

As winter approaches (we've had frosts here the past two nights) Victoria continues to develop nicely. Skills she is working on include moving around whilst sitting (she recently learned to sit herself up from lying on her tummy), practicing all kinds of noises, 'dancing' when asked 'did you go dancing on Saturday?' and copying sounds for 'bye bye' - well, the first sound anyway. She pulls some incredibly amusing faces. Today she had some liquidised dinner - the same as we had on our plates - and she seems to have thought it unsatisfactory in some way - first she stuck out her tongue and then sucked in her lips. She cries very little but makes her dissatisfaction with anything which is going on known by other means. When told 'no' or when she touches something she thinks she ought not to have, she looks at me and stretches out her hands behind her! She weighs 8.5kgs now.
I bought a carton of goats milk. The supply of the proper stuff is continuing to diminish and I am not having much joy trying to get her to drink from any sort of cup. I have tried water, apple juice and rooibosch which have all proved unsatisfactory.
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