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Thursday, October 19, 2006

pics of simon

Here he is on Sunday - told he couldn't eat after 6am because they were going to fix him up in the afternoon, he waited patiently. He was taken along for a CT scan so that a 3-d image of the bone could be created on the computer so the extent of the damage could be assessed. I got to see that - it was fascinating. By 11am he was told he could go back to eating - it wasn't going to be until Monday...
On Monday Samuel was in for the day and they shared a set of headphones to watch the History channel (and another one with car-related stuff on it) whilst Simon again
spent a hungry morning. He was scheduled to go at 1.30 but didn't go until 2 - then he was waiting in 'Jenny's room' - she's a lovely lady who helped to soothe our nerves while we were waiting - she even began to show 'Finding Nemo' to while away the time. simon wanted a picure of his first plaster - this was only temp. while they decided what they would do with his leg. It was decided that it would be screwed back in place. He was in theatre for about an hour and I was taken along to the recovery room to see him once they had brought him round from the general anasthetic.

Simon was quite keen on seeing Richard, so Richard came in in the evening - the photo was to PROOVE he had - Simon was absolutely blotto until about 8.30pm - he fell to sleep at about 4pm.


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