Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

hop along

Simon is intermittently hopping along on his zimmer frame and busying himself with stuff (mostly messy, I'm sorry to say) and giving Joanna and James lots of opportunities for service ('just put this away could you ' 'please could you go and get me a....') which is passing the time satisfactorily.
Victoria had her first real exposure to English Country Dancing last night. On one of the dances she was in a box on the floor - when it came time for Timothy to scoot round with his side, he whizzed her along ahead of him - do you suppose she enjoyed it? On the last dance I took her for my partner and when it came to 'swing your partners' she was vigourously and joyfully bouncing up and down as we rotated together - what a joy! She also watched some fireworks. What with all that and the clocks changing she has been rather sleepy today. She now weighs 8.5kgs (about 19lb) and has baby rice in the mng and two jars some other times in the day (well, that's the goal) as well as all the diminishing amount of milk there is for her. Apart from a bit of a cough she's doing wonderfully well. She doesn't do any recognisable signs yet (apart from waving bye bye) but we still do some relevant one for her.


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