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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Yesterday at about 2pm Simon arrived home. In the morning he had to have lessons from a physiotherapist on how to use a zimmer frame. He could have had crutches but he was still so wobbly when they wanted him to be up and about (less than 24 hrs after surgery!) that it seemed he would be safer with the frame.
The start of the day was a bit of a mess with all the men off out to work except David (who can't drive anyway...). David stayed in the hospital while I came home (in the van, with Ron and Joanna, who had been dropped off by Philip on his way to work at 6.30am...) and reminded Victoria who I was, fed her etc. Then there was trouble brewing about who should come into hospital and, more importantly, how they would get back again. Due to the unwillingness of certain family members to allow another family member to use his bicycle (and the imppracticability of his WALKING home...) I was racking my brains for a way out when the Lord prompted me to phone a dear friend who was able to visit, collect children, return them home, prevent war or mild dispute from breaking out at home, and was even here when we got back from the hospital. Praise the Lord that He takes care of all the little details (as well as the big ones)when we are in a tight spot.
Simon's bed being so low down he is sleeping on the sofa. Thomas was on duty last night but when Simon wanted some calpol Thomas couldnt' be roused! Shame he didn't come and tell me, I'm easier to wake up. David will be on duty tonight. Simon is a very un-demanding and considerate patient. A patient patient even! He considers how much trouble he might be putting others to before he asks for anything or does anything.
Simon now has a tape recorder (just found it from where I stowed it under my bed for such a time as this...) so he is able to record himself telling his story. We took lots of pictures so that he can illustrate a book and write his story. The frame which will be his constant companion for the next 6 weeks (during which time he may not put any weight on his right foot) is destined to be decorated (and re-decorated) with lights. One of the nurses said she would like a photo of it when he has done it, so he has an envelope for that. Schoolwork has, of course, been a little disrupted but I hope to be able to tweak things and try and get back on track by next Monday.


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