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Friday, September 22, 2006


On Tuesday Jane (physio) came round and I followed her to Vicky's. From there I took Vicky and her little girl to White Lodge (where we do hydro). There is a kind of 'mother and toddler' group there each week. I have never been keen on such collections of mother and infants finding the lack of intelligent conversation which is routine, very off-putting. However, I sat there, chatting to Vicky, until mention of her headache in connection with the up-coming 'singing' session caused us to agree that leaving would be in order, so we did. Vicky came back here with her little girl and the two little girls 'played' together (actually they had a corresponding fascination with one another's hair so we had to watch them carefully!).
Last night Thomas and I went to the first of the Makaton classes and learnt the first lot of vocabulary - including chair, table, eat, shower, wash and others. This mornign I set about trying to educate the rest of the children in these signs but think I shall have to buy a video with them on if I am to hope they will learn them. It is interesting to see how difficult James finds selecting the right hand - and even more the right FINGER - for the signs and I wonder how much MORE difficult it must be for those younger than him, especially those with difficulties like Victoria. however, we shall persevere. The last time the portage lady (tina) came she mentioned an educational group at West Clandon and one of the ladies I spoke to at the Makaton class told me HER daughter had been to that, so I wait with interest to see what possibilities there are for Victoria, at the same time aware that for all other parents this is the first step on the path to school.


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