Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Friday, September 15, 2006


I have a book which very helpfully offers learning and play suggestions for children like Victoria. As a consequence I took an ice cream tub and cut a hole in the lid. Victoria has learnt to drop the ball into the hole. This uses her new skill LETTING GO of things (!!) and develops another one of aiming the ball in the right place before opening her hand. She also has been developing that very instructive habit common to babies in prams - dropping the toys over the edge and seeing what they look like down on the ground. She doesn't make a fuss and demand their return but is always glad to have another go.
A lady I spoke to at sailing on Wednesday said that everytime she saw the pram at Cefn Lea (most of the time the boys wheeled her about) it was surrounded by admirers! Yesterday in the supermarket Victoria attracted comments from two ladies while she was being wheeled around in the trolley - she continues to have this power over people causing them to turn their heads and smile! What a joy. It made me think what an excellent thing it was for her to be called Victoria Lily JOY - so appropriate.
The portage lady said that there is a group which used to meet in Guildford (and she hopes it still does) where the research done at Downs Ed in Portsmouth is implimented. This is about signing, speech and language and reading. I hope we will be able to go along to that - it will be on Mondays and will mean I will have to rea-arrange the week so that we have monday off rather than Wednesday, but that could be done. It won't be appropriate for Victoria until she is 18 months in any case.
The first of the Makaton classes was to have been last night but was cancelled due to the lady who was to teach it being ill - hopefully next week will go ahead as planned.


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