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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

at last

The computer problem looks like it might be sorted (but then you never CAN tell with computers....). So here I am to put up the best picture ever of the loveliest baby in the world.
This one was taken in Tywyn (Cardigan bay, north of Aberystwyth) back in June. I've made loads of copies of this and even took one along to show the cardiologist - it made HIM laugh like it made (almost) everyone else I showed it to laugh.
Loads has been happening but here are the highlights
1) a TOOTH has happened - it is very slow making a full appearance but has been evident for a couple of weeks - in the RIGHT place too.
2) getting from lying on the tummy to sitting is becoming old-hat. Getting from sitting to lying and then up on elbows which, combined with canny use of the feet, means that all those tempting little 'bits' on the carpet have to be spotted and removed by the rest of the family before Victoria reaches them - and she's FAST!
3) just in the last week Victoria has been experimenting with shaking her head - what a hoot to watch!!
4) very many of those who have been praying for Victoria over the past 14 months were at a homeschooling holiday we were able to get along to - she enjoyed meeting loads of them.
5) sitting in the sand on the edge of the water at Lyme Regis and extruding the sand between her fingers was a great joy, as was lying on her tummy on the dry sand wearing only her nappy, exploring the dry sand. It was while at Lyme Regis that Victoria made a lot of progress with movement.
6) a small ice-cream tub with a hole cut in it is providing the most recent learning experience - lining up a small ball with the hole and then releasing her grasp of the ball - in the right place - is quite a challenge but Victoria is doing really well.
7) yesterday we were back to hydro which she enjoyed (as always) - portage begins again on Thursday and also on Thursday we begin a makaton course at White Lodge (where we go for hydro). I shall take one or other of the twins so that it doesn't depend only on ME remembering the signs!

seven is a good number of news items for now - hope you enjoy the pic!


  • At 5:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh it's so wonderful you are back on the blog and great to hear of Victoria's progress. I think of you and pray for you all every time I drive past Timothy's office - which is almost every day. Keep rejoicing in God's goodness and provision. What a priceless photo. Kathy


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