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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


The new scheme of things is for Victoria to be awake more than James used to be in the day. Given the opportunity to have a nap in the morning - or in the afternoon - she generally scorns it in favour of seeing what everyone else is up to. Victoria now often prefers to sleep on her back (that's fine by me - at least she hasn't been compelled to lie like that all the time her skull was softest leaving her with a deformed head like many of her contemporaries.)
yesterday I was in Morrisons and the check-out lady (one of those commonly found in Woking, with head all wrapped up for religious purposes) commented that Victoria was such a lovely baby (and V. hadn't so much as looked at her - never mind flutter her eyes!). Another reminder to me that Victoria seems to have come pre-loaded with something irresistably special which complete strangers find attractive.
Yesterday was the first time that Victoria had something other than milk more than once in a day. We have a box of bananas (it was insantity to buy a box of bananas this time of the year....) which is suffering from the heat. Could be that V. will get mashed banana again today - twice.


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