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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Trip overview

While we were away we variously missed a cardiologist appt (two days after we left - the only problem was that it was a secret which they kept to themselves....) physio visit (well, I didn't take the red book, I wasn't to know I would be away so long....) and portage visit. Also there was the long-awaited eye appointment which having changed once had to be changed again.....
So we have the cardiologist appt at Brompton on the 12th - which is Victoria's birthday. We have the eye appointment next week, portage next week and physio the week after. Then we have visitors for the weekend and the next weekend we will be heading for the hills (Wales) because Ron feels in need of a holiday after his recent illness. Once back from there we have a week at home (or maybe it would be better to stay in Taunton!!) before two weeks at the seaside in Lyme Regis. After that we have a young lady from Switzerland coming to stay. I'm counting on her being here when I have to take Victoria for surgery (not that I know the date yet....) and also on her helping to put some order into my books...
Victoria is coming along nicely. She complains if someone tries to take something from her (rather than being indifferent) and she is getting better at lifting her tummy off the ground though she doesnt' have her knees close enough together for her to be exactly on 'all fours'. She has just started using her right hand finger and thumb to get hold of things (this is VERY exciting). Yesterday she was sitting at the table at dinner time and I handed her a bit of lettuce which she took from me very nicely - she dint' eat it mind! She enjoys her jars of babyfood and can almost eat a whole mashed banana. I haven't weighed her yet, though she looks very like she has grown. Over the three weeks we were away she met a load of new people and didn't cry at many of them. She went to the zoo but I am not sure she saw very many of the animals. If I tried to point to them (you know, the 'finger on the end of the nose and then extend your arm out to point at the object' trick?) she seemed rather to have her focus on the end of my finger. Well, the rest of us enjoyed the treat anyway. ON some of the cages there were notices indicating the sign for the animals, so we learnt what lion was - the only other one I saw was for dog, and I knew that already. I bet I could guess what the sign for monkey is....
The signing class I wanted to get on has just finished but I find I can at least buy some books to show the basic words, from the Downs Ed. trust - so will do that. I have put myself down for an evening class for signing (and taking along one of the twins - I couldn't possibly remember it all myself!) which starts in September.


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