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Saturday, June 03, 2006


Lucy's home- that's not the sad bit. I had to take David for a riding lesson (that's not the sad bit either). I was part-way through feeding Victoria - she was enjoying it very much. I looked for someone to complete the process, Lucy was chosen. Victoria continued for a few seconds, whilst critically appraising Lucy - THEN there was sadness. Sadness, demonstrated in a turning-of-the-face-to-the-window (on Victoria's part) and sadness of the 'dejection, no-body-loves-me-every-body-hates-me' type for Lucy. I remember what it was like to have the joy of getting to hold a baby (someone else's) and watching it's little face crumple up and begin leaking. I sympathise.
The solution would be that Lucy would be home more often, or that Victoria could manage to extend her limited memory.
Victoria finished her milk sitting on Samuel's lap, happily.
When the portage lady came last time she asked me 'is she vocalising for attention' - 'no, I don't THINK so'. Well, on the way back from sailing she was VERY noisy until someone interacted with her. Ah, so THIS is what 'vocalising for attention' is, I told myself. Today, we were sitting in the coffee shop at Tesco (Lucy and Simon had just had their 'chart'-earned cooked breakfast) and there was Victoria chirping up (shouting actually) - Lucy looked perturbed and I said 'don't worry, she's just vocalising for attention!'. Richard introduced his face into her line of vision and she stopped shouting. Lucy was impressed (that I KNEW something, I suppose). 'you were RIGHT', she said (incredulously). One lives, and one learns.


  • At 7:50 PM, Blogger HadlowHouse said…

    LOl, yes, one lives and one learns.

    And so do ones dc - grin,
    "vocalising for attention" is a great expression

    In this house it is called making a fuss, or attention seeking, or playing up. Good to see Victoria has all the normal traits in this area

    (Don't mean this the wrong way, I just seem to have been over-blessed with little boys who like to vocalise for attention - usually in unison -waaaaaaah, if I had a hearing aid I'd take it out, like my mil does when we visit!)

    But I understand that since you have concerns re V's development, it is good to see her following the "normal" path in this area


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