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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


On the last day of the canoe-building, while Philip was putting the final touches to his, Victoria was enjoying being pushed around in her pushchair. Being outside for a few days and having a dog, two goats, a few hens and three sheep (beside the usual children)to focus on, Victoria seems to be a bit better at looking at things more than 6 feet away. This picture is just at the end of a smile - it was a very nice one, as you can imagine from the shadow of it.
Our weekend of canoe-building (I half-screwed in 2 screws and sanded off some excess glue, but otherwise it was all the children's work) went VERY well. The family who offered us this special experience were nothing short of wonderful - human, but so wonderfully demonstrating the love and grace of Christ in their family and to others that I would have felt myself enriched even if we hadn't got to build two canoes!. The bulk of the work fell to Philip and after building most of the first one he decided he would like to build one for himself. Apparantly it has been a cause of excited discussion over the weekend because there are those who think that what Philip (with help from Samuel, Thomas and Richard) achieved was not possible in a weekend!
We enjoyed having Lucy's company for the weekend (she returned to her lodgings on Sunday evening). We enjoyed the fellowship and worship at East Leake E.C. on Sunday mng where we received a very warm welcome and comments like 'are you visiting the Sherwoods?' (so, did we LOOK like we were visiting the Sherwoods?!!) and had a lovely walk with the Sherwoods in the afternoon.
Victoria coped better with being away from her own bed and routine than I had hoped, so that was good. She also is learning to get the carrot and sweetcorn baby food to go the right way (in rather than out) and has managed about 4 teaspoons at a time.
While we were away I had a leisurely wander around Wilkinsons and bought a pumice stone and a rough bath-scrubbing thing which offered new textures for Victoria's fingers and mouth - she spent ages exploring them.
So now we are back to the routine of home life and have (nearly) got all the washing from the recent trip through the washing machine. The next task is to get Timothy's Birthday-book filled in (yes, he has put teenage-hood behind him today).

More information on the canoes can be found at (I think!)


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