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Thursday, April 27, 2006


On Tuesday I decided against taking Victoria to hydro since she seemed a little under the weather - other children were developing colds, starting with James. On Wednesday I went with the children and Lucy to Lymington for a wonderful day kayaking and sailing (I observed!). The weather was glorious and Victoria's breathing, which had been a little noisy overnight on Tuesday remained noisy - I thought 'this must be croup' - but I've never had a child with croup before. We got home about 5.30pm and I fed her. In the lounge Victoria's breathing sounded much worse and she was obviously getting a bit distressed about it. I took her in the bathroom and ran the hot water into the bath, resting the carry-cot on an upturned laundry basket. After 5 or 10 minutes Victoria fell asleep but her breathing remained noisy. Then she woke up, thrashing about and evidently panicking and when I picked her up and looked into her eyes I thought it was probably time to stop faffing about and take her to A and E. Lucy came along, for company, and Ron dropped us off to a very crowded A and E. My first-aid training tells me that breathing is a priority and as I stood in the queue (the man ahead of us whose daughter had broken her arm motioned me to go before him when he turned round to look on hearing Victoria's loud efforts to draw in breath). I kept reminding her (she had her eyes fixed immovably on my face from the minute I picked her up in the bathroom until we got to see a nurse) that she needn't panic, God was with her. After some 'time', which didn't seem measurable in the stress of its passing, we got to see the receptionist who seemed unfamiliar with the computer system..... At that point a very nice nurse came past and told me that I ought to go with her because that baby sounded like she had a problem. I thanked her repeatedly. Victoria's sats were down to between 81 and 85 (I think she had forgotten how well she coped at that level before October!) and she was looking a bit blue around the eyes. She also had a temperature - it was only just over 38 though. Anyway, the Dr. came pretty promptly and prescribed steroid medicine and calpol. Because Victoria has had no vaccinations we had to move into solitary (I supposed it was for HER protection, Lucy thought it was for the protection of the vaccinated children in the waiting area.....). After half an hour Victoria's breathing was a lot easier and although she was still sweating she was evidently more comfy. By 10.30pm we were home again and although Victoria was still having difficulty getting air into her lungs it wasn't nearly so bad as earlier and she slept pretty well - unlike me who woke at 2.30am and couldn't get back to sleep until 5am at which point I got another 2 hours.
I left a message to put off the portage lady since Victoria was miserable and sleepy all morning but she was a bit better this afternoon and went to bed at 5-ish considerably improved with her breathing almost normal. so that was the scare.
Richard is now ill and lingering on the settee.... Lucy has gone to leicester for the day (by train) for a lecture (well, it was cheaper than paying for a whole week of rent in her lodgings).


  • At 7:24 PM, Blogger Sue Perks said…

    Sorry to hear about your visit to A&E. We will pray that Victoria and everyone else will make a speedy recovery from whatever virus is causing the bother. Steroids do work fast. I know they're not ideal, but Ellie has had them in short bursts on rare occasions to get her over a rough patch with a virus and they are effective.

    Love from Sue

  • At 9:25 PM, Blogger Timothy van den Broek said…

    Victoria is now quite a bit better - she even smiled at me this evening. My mother now has a cold though.


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