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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Today we left at 9.30am for the bank (which was closed until 10am - no, we didn't wait) then Community (health food wholesale) for bargain hipp baby food (not that she is eating it yet, but it is discounted for March and April) and then (the goal) Hendon RAF museum. The trials lay in the fact that there was not a 13amp socket in the baby-changing room so I had to resort to the little Medela pump - which took about 10 minutes to get 30mls. Victoria was thankful, however it wasn't quite a meal. It left me rather uncomfortable. I tried again when we got to Costco - at 4pm - by which time my very patient little girl was expressing some discomfort. (Thomas said her tummy was rumbling!). She got about another 20mls! Mercifully the Lord took care of us and gave us an exceptionally swift journey home - in spite of many signs stating 'congestion after next junction' - the slowest we got down to was about 30mph. I am sure that there must have been a lot of busy angels getting those cars out of the way. Having hit the M25 at Watford at about 4.45 we were home by 5.20pm! I told Victoria (while she was working her way through a massive 7oz of milk) that the Lord cared a great deal for her. She is amazingly patient and I am sure I have a great deal to learn from her.
The day at Hendon was very good and we would all like to go again (well, all those who expressed an opinion) but I'm not going until I have a battery pack so I can work the Playtex pump while away from home.
Now I am looking forward to bed.


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