Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Monday, March 06, 2006

rolling around

Victoria is doing very well with rolling from her back to her front - she gains momentum and carries on rolling over - shame one can't take a picture of it. She has managed to get her hips off the floor briefly and launch herself forward a couple of inches and she also makes herself pivot round when there is something beside her that she wants to reach. She is keeping very well - I don't take her out in the cold and we're looking forward, very much, to the advance of Spring and walks out with the pram.
She continues to be the object of admiration and joy for all her brothers (and sister) who daily declare her to be the most beautiful / cute / funny baby in the world.
She continues to have only breastmilk and has had a sample of potato and banana (at which times everyone is in fits of laughter at the faces she pulls) and has had a taste of water (from a cup) and rooibosch (from her bottle).
The physio comes tommorow and we expect her to be VERY impressed at the fact that Victoria can sit up for about 2 minutes before falling over (unless she sneezes, laughs or looks up at someone...).


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