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Thursday, March 16, 2006

bye bye

victoria has added to her repertoire - she can now wave 'bye bye'. This is as well as blowing raspberries and making fish-faces.
At the clinic on Tuesday she was referred to have further investigations on her eyes - which seem to not work together and I would hate for anything to be missed which, with exercise, could be straightened out.
She weighed in at 6.72kg and continues to have only breastmilk (praise the Lord). The Health Visitor explained to her assistant that she had known me for a long time and that none of the babies had anything other than breastmilk until they were a year old.'one of these days the rest of the world will probably catch on to the idea' she said! She had the normal 8-month check-list marked up - she was doing fine - on the low end of normal. I was a bit bothered that she seems to open and close her hand indiscriminately in the general direction of toys she wants to grab but it was noticed (because she was given some small cubes to play with) that she is actually beginning to develop the 'pincer movement' of the finger and thumb.
Tuesday was an action-packed day altogether with hydro in the afternoon. This time Samuel took Victoria in the water and she had her most exciting time yet. Apart from the physio (Jane), Samuel and Victoria there was no-one else in the pool this time. At the end of all that Victoria has some special supportive boots. I just tried them this afternoon and they make a tremendous difference to her ability to stand - though she seemed rather interested in sitting down and exploring the boots rather than standing for a long tim.
I have been reading one of the books I have for down syndrome - the 'gross motor skills' one. This is giving me direction in helping Victoria to learn to sit from lying on her back without developing common bad habits (like doing the splits to get to sitting!) and working on the right movements with a view to strengthening her arms and tummy muscles. Her grip is very weak - she has to hold my thumb in the exercise but I need to keep one finger on the back of her hand otherwise her hand slips off my thumb altogether.
next Tuesday we are expecting a visit from the 'portage' lady. If she likes us and we like her then Victoria will get regular visits and we will be given suggestions as to how to help her to progress from one skill to another. She comes from the same office as our LEA advisor (from whom the rest are getting a visit on the 24th of April DV. I hope very much that we will begin to learn Makaton - it will be fun to discover how much Victoria can communicate. I heard from a lady whose 4-y-old d.s. son at 8 months could sign 'more' 'mummy' and 'daddy' - his speech is very retarded but he communicates very well with makaton. She said that her baby (now less than 8 months) is learning signing from her big brother - so I suppose Victoria could already have been doing some but we have to learn it and use it consistently for her to learn it.


  • At 6:46 PM, Blogger Sue Perks said…

    We use Somerset Total Communication in this neck of the woods. It's very close to Makaton and there is a program called Widget associated with it which produces signs in response to typed text. It is very useful and also fun to use.

  • At 4:03 PM, Blogger HadlowHouse said…

    Hi hope you get her eyes sorted out, *if* there is a problem. I always suspected that Henry (our 8th) had eyes that were going in diff directions some times, but it took till he was 4 before he finally had an operation on his squint. Is she really 8 months already??



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