Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Victoria is highly motivated to make forward progress - she exerts all her effort but goes no further than an inch or two. She has taken on board the training in sitting up and is very good and using her tummy muscles to haul herself to sitting, while I am holding one or other hand. This morning she was having a good chuckle when I wiggled my fingers above her as she was lying down on her back and bringing them down towards her whilst making a suitable noise and then landing them on her tummy. She had an audience, actually, they (and I!) were making so much noise (laughing heartily) that we could hardly hear her delicate chuckling, but we could SEE it!
Hydro yesterday was the best yet - she only swallowed one mouthful of pool water (Thomas is getting better at keeping her mouth OUT of the pool!) - she splashed heartily with both arms, quite a lot.
Tommorow we expect our first 'lessons' and assignments from the 'portage lady' - otherwise known as Tina - we're looking forward to that.
Other things we are looking forward to include Lucy's visit from the 7th for just short of 3 weeks. She hope to go on a Chrisitan Answers weekend and possibly for a couple of nights camping in the IOW with Philip and one of the little ones (there is a plant delivery to be done over that way). She could probably use a 'holiday' - not sure she has had one for a while.


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