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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

look at me swimming....

Actually, I didn't take the camera this time.
We just got back from Victoria's second hydro session. Part way through she decided that would do something other than just be propelled round the pool in a sitting position and quite enjoyed splashing Thomas (who took her in). Last time (in spite of the fact that she didn't actually DO anything with her muscles) she conked out on our return home and slept solidly till the next morning - apart from feeding. so we could be in for a quiet evening.
Thomas gets to go to his first club meeting with the Thames Valley Silent flyers. Thomas will be the youngest by about 60 years. They plan to have a competition to see who can use the supplied balsa wood to create the most efficient glider and the winner is the one whose glider goes furthest. I am warned that some of them are FIERCELY competitive and look forward to the report tommorow (I'll be gone to bed before he returns).


  • At 5:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Elainah loved the pool when she was younger, she often feel asleep in the water. The Y we attended in Iowa had a small little pool with water effects that sounded very relaxing. I need to find a place like this here in Michigan. There are not many indoor places to swim nearby us.


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