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Friday, February 17, 2006

About Thursday

Just before we went home I took a picture....

The trip to London was straightforward (no trains cancelled or delayed) and we arrived perfectly on time. The boys were told they had to go to the 'schoolroom' so instead they went down to the foyer. After a couple of hours they came back up to the day-ward and they weren't chased off again (well, after all we were the only people in the 6-bed day-ward by that time so it was hard to put a case for overcrowding!
During those couple of hours Victoria finished her breakfast, was quizzed by one doctor who was asking ME why we were there and why these proceedures were required.... The four-limb blood pressure was a bit of a joke - the cuff was too big and Victoria wouldn't keep still while they did each limb in turn. The readings were widely varied. I thought they would have to have all four at once to find out acurately what was going on. however. Victoria, having missed her morning sleep, was very grumpy so I pleaded for a little space so that she could go to sleep. She did. Five minutes later we were called for the echo - and that was just as I was about to express more milk for her. Still, I had a bottle with 2 and half ounces in and explained to the doctor (not the usual one who seems to get very irritated with babies who won't lie still and be quiet! - though he does a very good job) that having her aorta looked at isn't Victoria's favourite pastime. he was kind enough to suggest that we got this over with first. On first look he said that there was no problem because all that he could see was OK. What happens (unlike with most people) is that the aorta tapers from 7 to 4 (don't know the unit of measurement - maybe mm's) and the blood was going nicely there. Then the cardiologist has said that the aorta must also be checked in her abdomen and there it was also 4 BUT the rate of flow was sluggish. he went back and was able to see just beyond the kink where it went suddenly from 4 to 2 and then back to 4. This is described as a mild problem. Surgery won't be necessary. The balloon technique - whereby something is fed along the aorta and a balloon is inflated at the offending spot, is the first step in correcting the problem. While we were on our way home the Dr. phoned and left a message that it won't be necessary to do anything for 3 months. The Dr. also said that the vessels are growing in proportion with Victoria - at first they were VERY small. It seems to be the case that all the tubes throughout Victoria are small (ears, digestive system, respiratory, tear duct drainage)which is common in down syndrome.


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