Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


When we got to the hospital there were no carpark spaces so I drove right out again and parked on the road. It didn't bode well...
Then we went to the newly refurbished x-ray dept where there were ominous notices about 'delays expected due to a new computer system' (there WOULD be...). As we sat down (Thomas and Richard were with us) I thought, obviously this is what the Lord wants for us today, to sit, passing the time, in the x-ray department. Victoria went to sleep and, after an hour of waiting, we were called in for the x-ray. This took (as they do) a matter of seconds but the experience THOROUGHLY woke Victoria up. Then we waited "while the head of the department puts it on the computer" for another 15 mins. Then on to the ecg where there were (what seemed to me) 3 young lads playing about with the machinery (one of them described it as doing a demonstration!). When they had finished Victoria was called in and the sticky pads were lavished on her little body. She laid beautifully still and the reading and print-off were excellent. Then came time for removal of the sticky pads. I asked, as the pain was about to be inflicted on her, 'are these the sort of sticky pads which come off easily if you make them wet?'. Well, here was something they HADN'T taught these lads in university. Water was duly applied and the pads removed without tears. So, I taught 3 young chaps a valuable lesson this afternoon!
Eventually we got to the Children's Outpatient dept (I had kept on sending boys to give them an update in case they thought that we were not coming!) where Victoria weighed in at 6.02kgs and measured quite long (can't quite remember what). Then we eventually got to see the cardiologist who straight away led us to the room where the echo could be done. Sadly this was the last straw for Victoria - she was well and truly fed up of the whole visit and made a lot of noise which meant that the information sought was not gathered. however, a brief check of her pulses showed that they were stronger in the top of her body than the bottom - suggesting that the coarction of her aorta is, as was suspected, a problem. So, the next appointment we get will be for a visit up to the Brompton where a good look will be taken at Victoria's kink and it will be on the basis of these images that corrective measures will be taken if necessary.
So, Victoria is sleeping solidly after all the excitement of the day but I daresay she will be back to full strength tommorow.
Philip has gone out to collect the little ones whom Timothy dropped off in Knaphill early this morning. Jackie tells me that they have been discussing 'discipline' at the table - comparing notes!
As for me, my tongue feels like it is fraying a bit and I resorting to sign language where possible - roll on tommorow 11am. It did occur to me that I might stick a bit of bluetac over the offending sharp bit....


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