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Monday, January 16, 2006

like buses

This is prob. going to be another one of those cases where, blogs having been conspicuous by their absence for a while, there will be a clutch of them.
I DID try and upload a picture last Saturday, but it didn't work.
Victoria has had a bad chest. When the physio came on Thursday she showed me how to help to loosen the phlegm. Victoria was better yesterday (could it have been because of the aged garlic capsule I mixed in with her nutrivene?!). Anyway, she certainly didn't care for the taste of it and I thought it would be mean to continue the experiment.
I've been reading 'angel unawares' which is about Robin, the daughter of Roy Rogers (the one who was associated with Trigger - who I believe was taxidermified after death). It is a lovely book, a reminder that there is more to what is going on than we know. It is always helpful to remember the eternal perspective, especially when there are grievous and baffling things in life (and Victoria is only a small part of that!). She is in the good habit of being in sleeping mode from abour 6pm until about 5am. Everytime I get her up she is sleeping. When I change her on my bed she quite often is trying to smile while she is asleep, which is very endearing. She IS very endearing. Tommorow she will be 26 weeks old and she is as precious to her brothers and sisters now as she was then.
Tommorow, also, Victoria gets to see the cardiologist (after an x-ray, ecg, weighing and measuring). there are two questions I have to ask. One is whether the situation with the coarction of the aorta (kind of like an ox-bow lake, if you remember your school geography!) has changed, or is likely to. The other is, is she OK to go for hydrotherapy. If so, that will be the next exciting event - on Tuesday.
As for me (sorry Lucy, people may be interested!) I've had tooth trouble - I got a second temporary filling while the underneath continues to normalise - all looked well until lunch time when, while eating salad, beetroot and sliced beef, I had a crunchy experience. I would have rather it HAD been a piece of snail-shell, but, alas, it was a piece of tooth. So guess where I am going on Wednesday? Well, the dentist is a sweety - the nicest one I ever encountered - so that it some consolation.
all things being equal, there should be another post tommorow.


  • At 5:13 PM, Blogger HadlowHouse said…

    Thinking of you all; will try to get in touch
    H, for all the Turnbulls


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