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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Happy New Computer

Thanks to Paul my computer is now working much better - thanks for your patience and expertise Paul. So although I don't have a 'new' computer, it is as good as new.

Victoria is doing well, she is almost over her cold - just a bit of a cough first thing in the morning. She is feeding well (from the bottle of course) and is almost 6kgs. She is supposed to be about 6.25kgs at 26 weeks (she has one week to go) then she will be keeping on the line, on her weight chart, she has been on since surgery. She's going to need a haircut soon (actually, so are most of the boys too).
Victoria is getting better at sitting up - she can manage a few seconds before keeling over. On good days she is beginning to think about crawling - she gets the top half of her body - right down to her tummy button - off the mat, using her arms. She can take her weight on her feet in a standing position for a few seconds too. The problem is that she gets very tired very quickly. She spends from 6pm to 6am asleep as well as quite a bit of the day. We try and make sure that when she IS up she is busy exercising - either rolling over, sitting up or sitting in her chair swatting her toys which are suspended above her.
She is very thankful to the Lord for her hands and fingers - they give her endless pleasure as she clasps them together and grabs hold of different fingers. Victoria is missing Lucy (who went back to Leicester on Friday - for a rest!) and was sorry that Timothy was sleeping this afternoon and therefore was not able to offer her her usual Sunday cuddle - she hopes, sincerely, that he will make up for this deficiency later in the week.


  • At 8:31 PM, Blogger sylenvia said…

    Happy New Year to all the V D B family. It can only get better! Good to hear Victoria has weathered a caravan holiday. I have know many parents with children who have disabilities, and most seem to cosset the children for fear of them coming to harm. What better way to bring Victoria up, than giving her all the experiences the other children have had. God Bless you all for 2006.

    Love Sylvia and Len


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