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Friday, December 09, 2005


Someone's been praying for me, I know. I was really very discouraged at the start of this week - the prospect of life, with all its very many challenges, stretching out before me was more than I could cope with at the start of the week. At this point I am confident that I have to do research and see what I can do to help Victoria to develop and as I have this information and all my wonderful little helpers (some of them doing no more than offering Victoria a 'moving target' to help strengthen her eye muscles and tracking abilities!) I am sure that I will be given all the needful in assisting Victoria to become all the Lord means her to be in this life.
Yesterday I had a delightful card from Sally's mum (Sally was born in 1974, in Thornton-le-Dale, Yorkshire, with down syndrome - she died at the age of 24.) who speaks of her eagreness to see her Sally again, in Glory.


  • At 6:10 PM, Anonymous julie in bridlington said…

    So glad you are feeling more positive and that you have heard from sheila, my mum, currently in south america, checked out victorias blog and tried to leave a message - but it all came out in spanish, lol. anyway, she wanted me to pass her love on to you. also glad to read that the get together went well, we were with you all in spirit, well, in prayer anyway.

  • At 9:59 PM, Blogger Sue Perks said…

    It's good that you are in touch with Sheila. My mum saw her the other day in the village and she said how much she appreciated the video you sent.. and what a lovely family you have.She said that Christmas is a particularly trying time for her as she has lost so many loved ones at this time of year.

    We're praying that you will have rest and peace of mind.

    Lots of love from the Perks


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