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Thursday, December 15, 2005


We're going to collect Lucy home today, for the Christmas break. I phoned her yesterday evening after Timothy said (ominously) "I think Lucy wants you to phone her" - and found that in the morning she had been knocked off her bike by a lorry while on her way to University. She told me that as she sat on the pavement feeling dazed and sick, she refused the first offer of help which came by. The second and third offers were resisted less firmly however and a kind landscaper took her and her bike back home. She has bashed her knee (she tells me this morning that she can move it - she didn't tell me yesterday that she COULDN'T) and a kind Lucy on the course is collecting ours to take her for her classes today. Lucy told me she has also scraped her chin and hand. Mercifully she had a cycle helmet on which saved her head from being bashed - the helmet was bashed.
victoria is doing very nicely and enjoyed meeting people at the Hounslow Christmas concert yesterday where the VDB's offered a limited selection of musical and poetical items. Victoria is very much looking forward to seeing Lucy again, of course.


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