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Thursday, December 08, 2005

little encouragement

when I thought of this title it reminded me of an occassion - probably 15 years ago now - when I went into the co-op in Addlestone and bought a packet of Asparagus seeds. I hurriedly (that's how I do everything normally....) read the back it said (I thought) 'needs little patience' - "just the thing for me" I said to myself. When I got home I read it again and was dismayed to read - more leisurely - 'needs a little patience'!!!

This morning I had a little encouragement... (still trying to learn patience after all these years.....). Viv suggested, on Saturday evenign, that I might use the playtex latex teat as a nipple-shield. I had a go this morning and it seemed to work well , at least the the milk was letting down quickly. Victoria seems to take after her mother and had a difficulty with sustaining motivation once the flow slowed down a bit.... Well, I daresay I shall try again!

when Victoria was weighed yesterday she was 5.42kgs - that was 6 weeks post op. On the day of her op she was 4.6kgs - so that is a great encouragment. She has now grown out of newborn size nappies at last.

Next we are taking Joanna out to dinner (she insists on taking Victoria along too...) for her seventh birthday {you're one year out Olive!!!} will try and get a pic and upload it.


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