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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

about that transfer....

Many of you may be wondering whatever happened to Lucy's transfer... Well, she continues to enjoy the work and the study in leicester but is frustrated about the non-tutoring she is getting from her appointed 'tutor'. Could be that things would be worse in Guildford, or not... Anyway, the health visitor (whom Lucy put down as a referee in on her form) has been contacted and Lucy told me some time ago that her tutors in Leicester have been contacted. All that is wanted is a 'clinical placement'. It appears that it could be in any one of 5 areas - only one of them would be really useful to Lucy - St. Peter's. If it should be the Lord's will for Lucy to be moved to that hospital with her lectures in Guildford, we would be very grateful, meanwhile we don't 'hold our breath' as Lucy put it.


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