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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

trials and tribulations

Yesterday was a traumatic (and busy) day and therefore I had neither the time nor the emotional energy to update – sorry.
All went fairly well until the Dr. came round (feeding was going brilliantly!) and he suggested that we could go home next day. Because the feeding tube was still in though and because the nurse who was on during the night didn’t even attempt to feed Victoria other than through the tube I wasn’t too happy about going home until we had a night where we could see that she WOULD feed OK at night - bear in mind that she only started bottle feeds on Friday (I think – but you will have to excuse me if I got that wrong, my brain is having problems). He mentioned also that Victoria has put on weight. This is incredible – she was starved for 3 days and then given ‘token’ feeds (of 4.5mls an hour for 4 out of 5 hours) then on to 45 mls and now only on 72 mls. The ng tube, oxygen tubes, stitches and neckline could all come out. BUT her potassium levels are very low (caused by the diuretics) and needed to be checked again (and perhaps measures taken to address the problem). So it simply meant that blood had to be taken out of the neck line before it was removed. Then the nurses (2 between 4 patients) disappeared. One came to take blood at about quarter to two and inexplicably poured it from one bottle to another, thereby contaminating it. She ‘would be back in a minute’ three times and at 3pm I reported at the nurses desk that the neck line was causing Victoria pain and was out about an inch because the sticky tape was off. (this was after another nurse had come to remove the tubing and sticky tape from Victoria’s face and had caught the tape related to the neckline….). anyway, the inevitable happened, the nurse came back to take more blood, started out by flushing the line but it was no longer in the vein – so that was the end of that. Then it was going to be necessary for a Dr to get blood out of Victoria from somewhere else. When the Dr. eventually came (about 4pm) I told her I hoped she was good at this because Victoria was partic. Difficult to get blood from. She was sure she WAS good at it. She had been on ICU until last week…. Anyway what with Victoria just being difficult to get blood from and the fact that she had had a very traumatic day, all attempts were unsuccessful. Please pray that there will be a dr. on today who will be able to get blood swiftly and efficiently.
David went down there and came back up to get a clean babygro and said that Victoria is very happy and smiling at her lovely nurse. this morning.


  • At 6:50 AM, Anonymous Julie said…

    Sorry about yet more tribulations! If you do manage to get permission to escape, Tony could collect you tomorrow(Thursday) from early afternoon, or Friday anytime, and I am free on Sat.However there is no one around today (Wed, music exams) Just get someone to ring us.

  • At 7:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Glad to hear that you have a smiley baby back. Will be praying for good doctors today. Glad to hear that everything is ok though. WE got concerned yesterday.

  • At 8:55 AM, Blogger HadlowHouse said…

    Don't u just hate it when they can't get blood out of babies, it's so heartbreaking :-(

    Good to hear they are thinking of letting you go home.

  • At 9:51 AM, Blogger Sue Perks said…

    It's good to hear that they'll be letting you out soon. It's amazing how much variation there can be in doctors' and nurses' blood taking skills. We'll pray that you'll get a really competent one today.In the big picture,though, things sound really positive. I know that every extra day can seem like a week when you've built up your hopes to be coming home. It won't be long!

    Love from the Perks


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