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Friday, November 04, 2005

Out of the woods..... (nearly)

Heartily thankful for being home again and enjoying a bonus bit of sunshine. Victoria has slept well since we got back and been awake more during the day than she used to be. Those warm arms and legs she enjoyed briefly in hospital have not yet returned but the dampness is gone. I was told that although her heart is fixed and therefore things will not deteriorate futher, her body needs to correct the heart failure she was expereincing before the op - hence the coldness. She has had some bouts of severe pain and yesterday David cycled to the chemist to buy some calpol (I never have the stuff in the house...) and after two doses at 4-hourly intervals I phoned the health visitor since it didn't really seem to be hitting the spot and she was officially only allowed a further two doses before 9am the next day. From about 4pm onwards Victoria was crying in pain most of the time (in spite of another dose of calpol) so I phoned the Brompton hospital at 9pm and took Victoria to A&E to be checked over. The plan now is that every three hours she will have either paracetemol or ibuprofen - the ibuprofen seems to hit the spot a bit more accurately anyway - and then hopefully after a couple of days of that things should be OK again.
I still daren't bath her incase I jar her and cause her pain, so she is getting a bit grotty - maybe I shall have to settle for washing her while she is lying on a towel instead....

The little children are very happy to have us home again and were a bit concerned about the suggestion that we will have to go back again in 3 weeks (they know nothing of last night's little jaunt!) but I assured them it will only be for a day.

Karl and Marlena left yesterday morning to spend a night in a hotel before going on a ferry today, back to Holland. It is lovely to see everywhere looking so clean - there were places which I hadn't dusted for a good long time which are now nice and clear.


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