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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

In the dumps

Victoria was downcast yesterday - she didn't want to play with toys or interact with anyone. She wasn't crying out with pain so much but maybe it was just going on at a lower level because she was definitely not happy. Overnight she slept until 12 midnight, fed well, then was awake, complaining mildly, until 4am when she fed well again - then went to sleep. This morning she is a little more interactive but not 100% yet. The health visitor is coming to weigh her and the physio is coming - I think she will see a big improvement in the way Victoria holds herself compared to when she came last time.
Tomorrow I have an appt to see the GP - I should like him to check her over and he may have some suggestions about pain - I haven't bothered with the paracetemol for a few days because it seemed to have no effect at all.


  • At 3:10 PM, Blogger HadlowHouse said…

    Hi T,
    Hope V is better soon. It might not be the surgery, there seems to be a vast number of viruses, bugs, sicknesses etc going round children right now (I blame the warm weather : - ) so she might just be unwell and not herself cos of a simple tummy bug (grin, not that a tummy bug is *ever* simple in a big family!!)

    Whatever it is, hope she and you feel better soon.
    H (confined to the house cos 2 children have vomitted, and I suspect a bug!)


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