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Thursday, November 24, 2005


the Dr doing the echo yesterday (who was the same one who did the echo 5 days before the op) declareed that the repair was 'fantastic'. The consultant said 'it's a splendid repair' . Praise the Lord.
The x-ray showed the lungs were clear, the SATS were 100%, weight 5.05kgs and the echo showed that although the kink is still in the aorta under Victoria's neck, it is not causing any problems. In the longer term it will be watched and could possibly cause hyertension in the future, in which case a balloon will be inserted to stretch it. The pulses in the upper and lower limbs are equal though.
While I was waiting for them to write down how much she weighed I marvelled at how deliciously pink and warm my little daughter is now and my heart is full of Praise.
After the hospital Thomas and I went along to the science museum where he said he felt 'spoilt' because I told him he could decide what he wanted to look at. So he went first to the Spitfire exhibition, then to the flight and finally to the section about boats.
I tried the breastfeeding with a tube stuffed in the corner of the mouth, today - it was a dismal failure. I took out the tube and just fed her the rest of the milk from the playtex nurser - she got on astonishing well with it! I guess that means I could think about selling the haberman feeders (they were fetching a good price on ebay when I looked last...).
Will try again at the next feed - I haven't got all this far through life without developing some tenacity - but I hope I will know when I am 'beaten' on this one...
Timothy is suggesting that I am using this blog as an opportunity to post things which are strictly-speaking, off topic (not to do with Victoria) so I shall try and reform and post non-Victoria stuff to as of today.


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