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Friday, November 25, 2005


Haven't written in colour for a while, so thought I ought to do so today. Yesterday, for the whole of the rest of the day after the failed attempted-breastfeeding-with-supplementer, Victoria used the playtex premium nurser - the shape is a bit more 'natural' so (perhaps!) ought to be easier for her to switch to the breast... Only have one teat so will have to get some more but it looks like the habermans are about to be pensioned off - this is a step forward!
I bought Victoria a rather cute swimsuit yesterday 'designed to contain accidents' (the mind boggles!!). I forgot to ask the consultant whether it would be OK for Victoria to join the local hydrotherapy group (she can go from 6 months of age) but bought the pants anyway - they are pink candy-striped and VERY cute. Will take a pic to post on the blog when she goes 'swimming' first. David watches. V. on her tummy on the bed and says that she has a natural 'breast stroke' motion about her legs. he's sure she would be able to swim. I am hoping HE will be the one to take her in the pool when the time comes for it.


  • At 8:24 PM, Blogger HadlowHouse said…

    LOL T, I can vouch for the accidents, having never bought such a suit, grin; but it is great to get children used to water when they are very young. Mostly doctors will ask u to wait till they had their first immunisation (dunno if you do imms)

    But never heard of a baby harmed by going swimming, usually they love it


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