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Sunday, October 23, 2005

watch and pray

We have had a restful day and I think that I have everything I need. The pump which Lucy got is smaller than I thought (this is a new model) and I have adapted it so it can work as a double pump - not just a single as it is intended. I shall need to use a proper hospital pump most of the time in hospital but this will do for nighttimes.
Ron Lucy and Philip arrived at church a little bit late. Lucy went to bed at 4pm with the intention of sleeping until 5am tomorow . She was workign last night.
The plan is that Ron will stay Monday and Tuesday night. All is in place for the little children to go out each day this week and 4 dinners are now being brought in. This should lighten the load for Marlena a bit.
Timothy will be fed information with which he can update this blog so continue to watch this space - and pray.


  • At 9:25 AM, Anonymous Deborah said…

    Hi Tracy,

    Had some mail returned over the weekend from your sermon audio address.

    Just wanted to say that you have all been in our thoughts and prayers and that we will be praying continually for little Victoria this week. Also for yourself and Ron, that you get the strength and peace you will need in the coming days.

    Will check in often.

    Much love,

    Deborah, Albert and the kids


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