Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Philip, sadly, failed his test. Four times he was required to check his blindspot and the tester thought he didn't look round far enough - not that he actually drove out in front of anything you understand. He is taking it well. It does mean, however, that I shall be the one driving to collect Lucy on sunday - and I was looking forward to being a passenger....
Today clearing up was instigated - everyone has clothes which he grew out of or which he doesn't wear because they are too tatty. We have collected loads to go to recycling and have had a bonfire of the tatty stuff. Haven' t done mine yet....
Having got that underway I went, with David, to Costco then to deliver a big sack of wood then on to Lidl. After that I had a headache.... Victoria, once again, didn't feed well this mng but when it came to evening she glugged down all those bottles which have been stacking up and by this time (8pm) is about caught up. We both enjoyed our 6-hour gap between feeds last night (though I really didn't enjoy waking up.
we have had two offers of lifts into the hospital next week - which is wonderful - we just have to decide which one to take!
The Lord has shown Himself to be amazing (again) in the provision of a state-of-the-art portable breast-pump. I have been looking on the internet for Medela pumps and almost went ahead and ordered one for a friend to bring back from the USA (but then I got a headache and felt too stressed so just gave up). Last Friday Lucy was at a 'study day' and there was a Medela rep there. They got talking about haberman feeders (seems Lucy was the only one there who had real experience of one) and there was 'prize draw'. One of the other girls on the course (also called Lucy and also a Christian) was awarded the prize - a Medela pump. She has no use for it so Lucy asked if she would sell it to me. She is not willing to sell it but would give it to me - so I shall buy her some Sainsburies vouchers (which will help to feed her family!) and our Lucy will go round and collect the pump to bring back with her on Sunday, DV. Now would I EVER have thought to ask for such a thing as a Medela pump very cheap and before I go to hospital?!!!! I am very glad of this reminder of the Lord's care over us.
Victoria is very lively at the moment and is becoming quite vociferous. She will lick anything which is within reach and is learning how to put her hands to her mouth for the purposes of licking. Her cold continues to subside and I am hopeful that it will be OK for her to go ahead with the op on Tuesday.


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