Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunday morning

I went down to do the 3am feed and was able to leave enough for the 6am feed. The only trouble with that, of course, that it then became a 5am feed. When I came back to my room I stood wondering whether I ought to change my clock (I was very confused - what time would I next be expressing milk?!) so figured I would continue to work on old time until it was really morning. So now I have worked out (and it really made my brain hurt!) that the next feed is at 8am - that means I can't go to the church service at the C of E just over the road, sadly.
so, 3-hourly feeds will continue with 69mls each time until the Dr's round. After I had fed Victoria at 3am I made the mistake of leaving her left arm free and she pulled at the oxygen tube and also caught hold of the ng tube. This brought the end of it far enough up for her to cause herself to be sick - though I am assured it was not much.
I went down there 10 mins ago and she was asleep and looking comfy. I'm now looking forward to my next nice warm cuddle with my little precious. The Lord is so very good I can't ever thank Him enough for this transformation in my poppet.


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