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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Yesterday at lunch time we had a telephone conversation with a man from the Brompton who wanted to do another echo. So today I went, with Samuel (and Victoria of course) at 9.30am, on the train to London. We arrived at 11am having first of all gone to the wrong hospital. When we went into the Brompton it was like going into a market with a woman shouting out the price for 5 raffle tickets and stuff (supposedly for sale) all over the foyer. With help from someone who detected we were lost we found Rose ward. The nurse at the desk said 'let me just check if we are expecting you' (I tried not to feel hopeless at that comment but it was rather discouraging after all the the struggle of getting there...). The man who said he would do the echo did. He was very thorough and took special care to make measurements of the kink in Victoria's aorta. It is borderline (any worse and it would have been operated on already) and discussion with the Doctors tommorow will lead to a decision about whether a further look needs to be taken of this area before the operation on the heart can go ahead. While this was going on the man asked me about Victoria's weight-gain and feeding and he said 'good, that is what we like to hear' when I told him it was feeble! There would be something WRONG if her feeding and weight-gain were good! Very strange, but heartening in a funny sort of way.
The Dr. said 'monday is not a catheter day' - though Tuesday IS - but that is when the op is supposed to be happening. I was glad to see a Dr and get an opinion on Victoria's cold - the Dr we saw said she was sure it woudln't be a problem by Monday.
So, in summary, the latest is that having spent all day in London the necessary bloods, x-ray, and ecg information has been gathered the Doctors will discuss the case tommorow and we may have to go back on Friday.

Having travelled by train I am particularly thankful that Julie will be taking us up to the hospital on Monday....


  • At 7:16 PM, Blogger HadlowHouse said…

    Hi just to say thanks for the updates; we check daily to see how you are doing; and wish you all the best for the upcoming surgery.

    Henrietta and family


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