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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Live update

Live from the Brompton hospital parents accommodation I am able to update you all on the amazing progress of the day.
This morning was a gloomy affair after a poor night for me. I spent a good deal of it wondering about whether I ought to report the incompetencies (one of which was potentially life-threatening) of the nurse in charge of Victoria yesterday and the day before. During the afternoon of Weds I was getting so upset by the fact that our nurse kept on wandering outside for nothing (she seemed to get bored easily) and that she repeatedly went to attend to other babies in the room without washing her hands and returned to Victoria also without washing her hands. She did once wash them but very briefly and then she didn’t apply the alcoholic gel we are all urged to use.
By the morning I had resolved to speak to the liason lady but found she was on holiday. When we got down to see Victoria she was not looking very good - still on the ventilator but due to come off it soon after 6am. Then she had something called CPAP whereby two tubes are stuck into her nostrils through which air was delivered and Victoria’s lungs were kept inflated (there was a danger that with the medication and the shock to her system of the operation, she would ‘forget’ to inflate them herself). Shortly after we got down there an ‘isolation’ notice was stuck on the door because two of the 4 babies had ‘runny stools’. This was the final straw for me – it upset me to think that for two days this careless nurse had been in charge of Victoria’s life and had been putting others as well as Victoria at risk of infection – and now it looked like there is infection. I asked Ron to speak to the Dr but he found himself face to face with the ward sister and told her. She said that the offending nurse will be watched in future.
Victoria is being given anti biotics as a consequence. Victoria was having difficulties coping once off the ventilator and it was sad to see her struggling with the new form of oxygen delivery – she also sounded like she needed to cough and was distressed. Medications were increased to try and sort things out and in the end she settled down. Ron and I went for a walk (after I had sat in the parent’s waiting room for a long time trying to compose myself and feeling desperately helpless ) and then back to the café at the hospital. Lucy arrived after 11am and Ron left shortly after that. Over the course of the day Victoria has become less puffy, small amounts of milk were delivered through the ng tube directly into her tummy which she has been digesting. This afternoon we made rapid progress when CPAP was taken off and the nurse suggested that if I had any sterile bottles I might not only HOLD Victoria but try and give her 20mls of milk. Although she didn’t use her tongue properly she certainly swallowed it efficiently and then she got a further 10 mils. The plan is that she will have 30mls 3-hourly overnight and I will try and get some sleep. I will be down there for a bottle feed at 8am if all is going well. She is likely to be back on CPAP overnight since she isn’t quite comfy breathing on her own yet. It was very encouraging to have Timothy visit – given his very crammed schedule I am especially blessed that he took the time to visit us and he also brought us some carefully-selected provisions! Lucy is staying with me overnight and will leave to go to Leicester tomorrow – she is working in the afternoon.
So far I have been unable to get Timothy’s computer to go online (of course it DID when he was here….) and will now phone for ‘technical support’ in the hope I can post this before it becomes history…


  • At 9:32 PM, Blogger Sue Perks said…

    What a day you've had! Praying that you manage to get some good quality, well-earned sleep and that tomorrow brings big steps forward in Victoria's recovery and peace of mind about her care.

    Lots of love from the Perks family

  • At 10:18 PM, Blogger Sarah said…

    Just sending you love kisses and hugs
    And...lots of prayers for lovely dolly Victoria xxxx
    Thank you Timothy for keeping us in

  • At 11:09 PM, Anonymous Julie said…

    Sounds encouraging news generally - we pray that Victoria will be protected from both bugs and others carelessness!
    Love from us all here


  • At 10:03 AM, Blogger sylenvia said…

    Praise the Lord for His loving care. Just returned from being away on IOW for a few days so had to catch up with news. We continue to remember you all in our prayers, which we KNOW will be answered.

    Love in His name

    Sylvia and Len


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