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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Live update Saturday night

Today Timothy has been to visit again and brought his laptop with him again.
Overnight Victoria had a delightful Australian nurse caring for her. She urged me to sleep for as long as I could and leave her to feed at 12 midnight – which I was very thankful to be able to do. I got down for the 3am feed and left the milk for the 6am feed (in case I didn’t get down there in time). These were 45ml feeds and she was taking them very well from the haberman feeder. V seems to have increased sucking power and after the first couple of attempts, when Victoria’s tongue didn’t quite know how to stay just in the middle under the teat, she seems to have remembered the technique.
I went down to see Victoria at 20 past 6 and when I went in the room I guess I was still not awake because I was looking around for the milk and couldn’t remember whether I had left it in the fridge – still, I guess these nurses are used to mothers behaving strangely and she was very understanding.
I’m getting so that as I leave my room I have list of things to drop off and collect at various places and when I get here I have a time-limit to perform any number of tasks. As for the lifts – when I have leisure I might explain more about the fun involved in using them!
The nurse we have had for most of the day was a man. Part way through the day (after Timothy had been and gone) a bay became available on rose ward so Victoria got a ride down there. There will be one nurse between Victoria and the baby opposite (who was our neighbour a couple of days ago). I plan to go down for the 9pm feed, leave the 12am feed in the fridge and go down again at 3am – maybe I will leave the 6am feed in the fridge at that point so that I don’t need to set my alarm clock. It takes me ages (like over an hour) to get back to sleep again once I have gone down to the ward and re-evaluated the situation so I shan’t mind if I don’t wake until 7am. I’ll still have to get up to use the pump but not make the trek downstairs.
This morning Victoria was obviously distressed as the day-staff came on and before I had got down at 8.30am she had been crying a lot and had eventually gone off to sleep. She didn’t feed well at 9am because she was evidently in pain so she got some oral morphine and most of her milk down the tube. This was a 50ml feed and for the rest of the day she was allowed 69mls – she has been drinking very efficiently.
The trip out this afternoon (to Tesco and then to sit by the thames to eat lunch) did me good and this evening I enjoyed a visit from Sue field (thanks so much!!). We find we are in the same room as Ruth was admitted to about 3 weeks ago! One dear lady who was here then, with her daughter, is still here – that’s 5 weeks so far.
So Victoria continues to improve though she is in pain as the painkillers wear off and oral morphine continues to be an option as she needs it, which is a great comfort to me. It is desperately sad to see that dear little face creased with pain, especially because she has cried so little (blood-tests apart) for her whole life. She still isn’t of a mind to smile but doubtless enjoys hearing familiar voices and tomorrow will see plenty of familiar faces, God willing.
We continue to be thankful for the kindness of the staff here and the care they are taking of Victoria. Thanks to your prayers (I am sure) I keep hearing ‘she is doing VERY well’. The wound is healing beautifully and everything is behaving as it should. The only problem is the explosive nappies due to the infection in her gut – passed on via careless hygiene amongst someone on the staff I fear. Even this is a cause for thanks though because we have a private room!
This mornings very SAD eyes are a lot happier this evening and for that we are rejoicing.


  • At 9:49 PM, Blogger HadlowHouse said…

    Glad to hear the update; I hope u have a blessed Lord's Day, and get as much rest as you can in a hospital (which always seem to me like the most restless places on earth :-)

    With prayers for V's continued improvement.


  • At 10:12 PM, Anonymous Julie said…

    Good to hear such steady progress is being made; fortunately Victoria will have no lasting memories of all this! I trust you have as peaceful day as you can tomorrow.


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