Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Had a busy day - started off by going to Argos for timothy - got to the appt. with my friendly osteopath (satisfyingly) just as the local clock struck the final two strokes of 10am (I do so dislike being late for appointments). Once back I enjoyed the company of some lovely London friends (and the satisfaction of seeing still MORE of my house cleaned - thank you SO much marlena!!) until about 6.30pm. Then they left, and took a rather excited, and perhaps a little apprehensive, Richard. An invitation for dinner for the rest of the family when they come up to visit next Sunday was extended - so everything seems to be organised as well as can be.
I admit to butterflies when everyone had gone home and I had time to THINK - but will try not to worry.
Victoria continues to not feed well - but she is not generally unhappy and is still looking good.
ron is going to collect Lucy on Sunday morning after she has finished her night shift and she plans to come up with us, with Julie, on Monday and will return h0me on Monday evening by train.
My sore throat is improving (Praise the Lord) and my neck feels much better after my treatment this morning. Now I shall go to bed.


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