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Monday, September 26, 2005

weight and wait

My internet link has been intermittent and therefore I wasn't able to post on Weds after Victoria was weighed and had gained (a mere) 60gr (but as Thomas said, "it's better than losing 60gr").
since then I have been adding a scoop of Nutramigen twice a day to the EBM because (Praise the Lord) I am able to produce all that Victoria needs to take in a day and haven't had to make her a bottle of formula for over a week.
We had a letter this morning from the Brompton hospital. It confirmed that Victoria is on Dr Sethia's waiting list. It told us that an appt for surgery will be sent as soon as they have it and that it might not give us much notice. We have to tell them of any holiday plans we have. They also said that we should let them know if we could take a cancellation and go there at even shorter notice. We will talk about it with the cons. on the 4th of October.
I had a delightfully encouraging weekend talking (almost non-stop!) with Deborah from Northern Ireland. It is always good to have someone to talk to about the practical aspects of any new challenge one has but so much MORE beneficial to have such a preson share how the Lord sustained and encouraged them. Life is not just about 'getting through' this sort of experiecne but much more about learning what we can about our caring heavenly Father in it.


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