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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Weighed and found wanting (again)

This morning Victoria was sick after her medicine (again) and had also filled her nappy before she was place, hopefully, on the scales. In spite of my best efforts over the past week to make sure that she gets absolutely as much as she can swallow, every three hours, she has dropped by 20gr.

I wait to hear back from the dietician about how much duocal I will be adding to the nutramigen over the next week. When I tried to add it to the breastmilk Victoria disliked it to the point of gagging (not good news for any milk which she may have already stowed away….).

In the night I was listening to a Doug. Wilson sermon about faith and I THINK I begin to ‘get it’ but I shall have to listen again after this little set-back. I guess I feel like I am being naughty because I am failing to get my baby’s weight going in the right direction but I am (honestly!) doing what I have been told at the hospital.

Trying not to be discouraged and getting ready to face the coming week with it’s struggles and challenges on the feeding front.

One cheering bit of news is that last night after V. had fed she unusually awake so I tried to breastfeed and she complied. Not that she has any suck worth mentioning but she swallowed all that was consequently let-down, so that was good. Will try and make a point of trying her more often (but only when, should she refuse and get upset, it will not be more than I can cope with….).


  • At 5:39 PM, Blogger Sarah said…

    Hi Tracy
    Hang in there and cherish the moments she will feed and does keep it down. We keep praying for you all and we just wish you all lots of blessings and strength from the Lord.
    Much love, Sarah and the other Bauermeistersxxxxx

  • At 1:59 PM, Anonymous Sue Perks said…

    Dear Tracy

    Ron has just reminded Stephen about the blogspot so I've just discovered it and read your most recent comments. We'll continue to pray for you all and particularly for Victoria Lily's feeding.I understand your comments about worries.Being awake in the middle of the night always seems to magnify them. I know that we need to remember to "have no anxiety" but a certain amount of worry can sometimes help us to focus on ways of solving the problems with which we're faced. On the other hand, when things are out of our hands there seems no constructive aspect to worry. May you have peace of mind and a real sense that you are in the Lord's hands.
    Lots of love from Sue and the Perks Family


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