Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


today, when I surfaced at 9am, all was tranquility and order. A very kind friend has come to stay until Saturday and it is a great benefit to have someone who knows how to tidy the kitchen, as well as to have fellowship with. I am sure the children are enjoying having stories read, a thing which has been somewhat neglected over the past 4 weeks. Another h.s. friend from Woking brought round a lasagne for our dinner and we enjoyed the apple and blackberry crumble which my dear midwife made for us.
This afternoon Victoria was weighed. She has gained 2 and half ounces since Friday. This means that at 4 weeks and one day old she is only 2 ounces below her birthweight. We are full of thankfulness to the Lord for this increase and continue to pray for growth. Over the past few days Victoria has taken approx 80mls 8 times a day - I suppose as she gets bigger this will be increased. We will get the other diuretics tommorow but since her lungs are still clear we may not start to use them yet. We have the duocal but I am going to discuss with the dietician whether, in the light of the recent increase, it will be necessary to give Victoria the duocal at the rate outlined when we saw the dietician last Friday. Our next hospital appointment is next Thursday - for another Thyroid test and then we have another one the week after that to see Dr Tosin again.
Ron has been in hospital today for a hernia op. I hope to be phoning to arrange to collect him soon. We have not heard from Philip but he did try to send an text message to Timothy - so we assume he is at least still alive!
Thank you for your continued prayers


  • At 5:02 PM, Anonymous julie said…

    glad to hear that victoria is putting on weight and that you have someone to give you a hand, wish we lived a bit nearer - we could deliver pizzas!! hope ron has gone on ok, erdinc had this op some time ago, iirc he recovered fairly quickly. love to all.


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